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The Crescent City Doubloon Traders Club (C.C.D.T.) was founded in 1989. The mission of this non-profit club is to promote the collection of Mardi Gras doubloons (Mardi Gras coins) and other Mardi Gras collectibles. C.C.D.T. does this by sponsoring doubloon swaps, which are events where collectors may trade, buy, or sell doubloons, or any other Mardi Gras memorabilia. C.C.D.T. sponsors approximately eight doubloon swaps per year at various locations.

Click here for a list of Doubloon Swap locations for 2024.

C.C.D.T. also distributes newsletters and shares contact information among its members. C.C.D.T. produces a New Orleans krewe doubloon price guide each year, which is available to the public for purchase. The C.C.D.T. price guide has been produced by its members annually for over twenty-five years.

Our members can be found trading, buying, or selling New Orleans parade doubloons, from carnival krewes such as Alla, Bacchus, Comus, Endymion, Orpheus, Rex, and Zulu. Members also swap ball, truck, out-of-town, commercial, commemorative, marching group, riding group, walking group, Irish-Italian, and St. Patrick doubloons. For any particular organization, members may trade aluminum, dual, bronze, nickel, pewter, silver, wooden, and cloisonné (multicolor) doubloons. Also, other Mardi Gras collectibles may be traded, bought, or sold, such as krewe favors, krewe pins, ball programs, ball invitations, bobble-head dolls, medallion beads, or krewe collector cards.